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PRAHAUS 韓國製護腕 (2件裝) 媽媽手必備護腕 Wrist Band

PRAHAUS 韓國製護腕 (2件裝) 媽媽手必備護腕 Wrist Band

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Product info:

Color: Skin/ Grey/ Black

Fabric: Cotton, Polyester, Polyurethane, etc.

Size: Free Size

Use materials with elasticity and elasticity similar to human muscle

'Complex - Core Stretch Teck (CST)' for excellent compression, adhesion, resilience, absorbency and ventilation

The design applying the principle of sports taping
Maximized functionality as it is developed by physiotherapists who are rich in anatomical knowledge and treatment experience

Adjustable compression strength, stable and free hand use
Comport Fit function using finger strap, magic velcro, etc.

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